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How Can Spiritual Healing Help Me?

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With the current situation as it is with Covid-19 and life becoming strange and restrictive, we are all struggling.

How can you keep your soul healthy as well as your mind and body? Our gifted spiritual healers can work with you to heal and restore your spiritual wellness to help you feel better overall.

The word ‘spiritual’ originates from the Latin word ‘spiritus’ meaning ‘breath of life’.

The healing involves the transfer of energy. The healer will link with a Divine energy to channel healing to you for the mind, body and spirit.

Spiritual healing can help both physical and emotional problems, so if you’re finding the current (or any) situation particularly difficult to cope with and are feeling a little destabilised, let our dedicated healers work with you to help. Healing can help with other ailments and other aspects of life that you may be struggling with.

You can also look after your body by:

  • Eating healthily
  • Exercising regularly
  • Getting plenty of sleep
  • Listening to your body


All of these things, along with the guidance a healer can provide in order to influence self-healing will help to restore calm and balance to your life. Call our gifted spiritual healers today.


Spiritual & Guidance

What To Expect From An Angel Card Reading

Angel Card Readings Symbol

Angel cards, like tarot cards, are a form of divination but they use angel symbolism. Angel card readers can help you gain better insight into your relationships with close people in your life. Many psychics believe these messages come from angels themselves, or spirit guides who have a connection with the angels.

An angel card reading will allow access to the energies of angelic beings to provide guidance and insight. The cards can be a powerful tool for those seeking some guidance in their life.

The lessons the angels provide cover all aspects of human life, but mainly focus on spiritual advice. Angel card messages can provide encouragement and positive affirmations for whatever challenges you may be facing.

During the reading, your reader will draw the cards. Depending on your question and circumstances, the reader will select between one and six cards. Each of the cards lined up in a reading has a specific meaning by position. Not every reader use cards exactly like this and some will have their own specific spreads.  The more cards that are drawn, the more specific your reading will be in relation to a specific question.

If there’s something you’d like to ask the angels, call our dedicated readers at Phone Tarot Readings today.

Spiritual & Guidance

What To Expect From A Clairvoyant Reading

Are you looking for a gifted clairvoyant reader to help answer all your questions with a non-judgemental, empathic reading? Then you have come to the right place. Our talented clairvoyants are here to provide you with compassionate clairvoyant readings whenever you like. We aim to offer you great value readings at prices you can trust.

Clairvoyance means ‘seeing clear’. This is how clairvoyants describe their experiences during readings – as though they can ‘see’ in a way others can’t, a way that is not one of the five physical senses. Many clairvoyant readers describe their skills as ‘understanding’ rather than ‘seeing clearly’. They say that they often see the emotions that others experience. Our selection of gifted readers have developed their skills through a conscious practice of meditation to make sure their mind is at a relaxed state. This means they are as prepared as possible for your clairvoyant reading.

Those with this ‘sixth sense’ can receive messages transmitted over both temporal distances (visions of events occurring in either the past or future) and geographic distances (events happening simultaneously but in different locations).
A reading with a clairvoyant can include a number of methods such as crystal ball, rune stone and aura readings. If you have a specific question you would like the answer to, please don’t hesitate to ask at the start of your reading.

Speak to one of our expert clairvoyants today at Phone Tarot Readings!

Psychic Readers

Featured Reader – Dollie


PIN: 9423

Skills: Angel Cards, Clairvoyance, Healer, Tarot, Love Tarot, Spirit Coach

Dollie has worked with the Tarot Cards for over 30 years after inheriting the gift from her grandmother. She uses the cards as a tool along with her psychic gift and help from her Guardian.
She is a strong believer that the cards offer us guidance and help to show us the best path for our spiritual wellbeing.
Dollie is also a Reiki master and draws on the universal energy for healing and strongly believes that everything happens for a reason.
She can help and offer guidance with the use of her psychic ability and tarot cards to help you clarify any questions you might have for you to therefore make clearer decisions.

Want a reading from Dollie? Make a note of her PIN and call Phone Tarot Readings today!

Psychic Readers

Psychic Reader Profile – Rosie


PIN 8626

Skills: Clairvoyance, Healer, Tarot, Love Tarot, Spirit Coach

Rosie says her psychic experiences began early, when she was only six years old and she knew that her grandfather had died before anyone had actually told her.

She has been a psychic adviser for over 15 years and her readings are direct, sincere and precise.

She believes that honesty in a reading is very important. She can guide you on how to live a more fulfilling life through good relationships and how to maximise all opportunities that come your way.


Want a reading from Rosie? Make a note of her PIN and call Phone Tarot Readings today!

Spiritual & Guidance

Have A Psychic Reading On Friday 13th

People who fear Friday 13th have paraskavedekatriaphobia. Over 60 million people worldwide fear Friday 13th.

The number 13 itself is also thought to be unlucky. Even though there is no proof of this, superstition and fear for the number has led many to avoid it.

It is uncertain how Friday 13th became associated with bad luck but the number 13 has been considered unlucky for a very long time; some evidence suggests as far back as the Middle Ages!

Astrology actually associates the number 13 with endings and transitions. Our psychics can help guide you through any problems or worries you may have about the future. By speaking with them you can ask any questions you feel are currently unanswered in order to gain clarity and insight into the right path for you to follow.

Browse our professional psychics and make a note of their PIN to speak to them today!

Psychic Readers

Psychic Reader Profile – Claudia


PIN: 8111

Skills: Astrology, Clairvoyant, Tarot, Love Tarot, Medium.

Claudia has used her abilities for many years to guide people away from situations that bring pain and towards solutions that are true to their highest selves. She believes love has the power to imprison us or set us free and the key in knowing love is loving ourselves deeply so we can embrace a path that serves us and brings us to our highest joy.

She says will not tell you what you wish to hear, but will look into all the options available to you so she can guide you with honesty and compassion towards a love life that helps you reach your highest joy. She promises to always read with honesty, compassion and understanding for the uniqueness that is you.

Claudia is available for astrology, clairvoyance, tarot, love tarot and mediumship. Call her now!

Psychic Readers

Psychic Reader Profile – Sapphire


PIN 2513

Skills: Astrology, Clairvoyant, Runes, Tarot.


Sapphire has worked with spirits for many years, feeling and hearing them. She feels people’s sadness and their joy and her guides are able to pick this up easily.

She first started to do readings ten years ago after realising it could make a difference in people’s lives. She saw and felt many things as a child and knew she felt different to other people.

Sapphire will always strive to give you answers to your problems, however nothing is set in stone and we all have free will to choose which path way we want. She can help with decision making and choosing a new pathway, opening new doors and restoring joy to your life.

Her saying is ‘try and keep things as easy as one, two, three’.

For a reading with Sapphire, make a note of her PIN and call Phone Tarot Readings today!


Spiritual & Guidance

What To Expect From A Reading With A Spiritual Healer

Not sure whether a reading with a spiritual healer is right for you? Read on to find out more about how our healers could help you.

Healers believe a person’s spiritual or psychic body can become unwell or injured and need healing, exactly as our physical bodies do. Our experienced healers work with you to heal, guide and give advice to you through connecting the body and spirit via psychic readings.

Spiritual Healing is a natural energy therapy that complements conventional medicine by treating the whole person; their mind, body and spirit.

A healer can help you if you are feeling depressed in life, feeling overwhelmed by fears or other emotions, feeling stressed or suffering from an ongoing illness, amongst many other things.

Most healers believe that the power to heal lies within your own self and therefore need to be in touch with yourself in order to begin the healing process. The healer is there to assist you with this and guide you along the right path.

Different spiritual guides follow different processes, including aura healing, using chakras and the human energy field, past life therapy, visualization and some like to use their own spirit mediums as well as many others.

If you think this is something that could help you then give our dedicated healers a call today.

Psychic Readers

Psychic Reader Profile – Maurice


PIN 2019

Skills: Astrology, Angel, Clairvoyant, Healer, Love Tarot, Medium, Spirit Coach, Tarot.
Maurice is a psychic clairvoyant and uses his skills to guide people through their lives.

He specialises in tarot, angel cards, astrology and mediumship to give clear, honest concise and open readings.

He has developed many spiritual skills over the years and is a psychic, clairvoyant, medium, spiritual healer and astrologer. He studied long and hard to understand the spiritual side of life and how it fits into life in general as all major religions have spiritual beginnings.

Maurice feels his main skills are in tarot and he belongs to several organisations and is constantly surprised by the insight it gives him.

He demonstrates his skills by phone, email and text and also does live shows around the country to help people.

To speak with Maurice, make a note of his PIN and call Phone Tarot Readings today!