Just Call 0207 966 0023

Got a specific question and want a quick reading?
Get 12 minutes for £10 (less than 84ppm)

Get a full reading and take your time.
Get 33 minutes for £27 (less than 82ppm)

Great prices for you when you open an account. Know exactly what you're paying for with credit card tarot readings with one of our expert psychics.

Check our website to check if the psychic you want is free or call our access number - 0207 966 0023 and listen to the available psychics greeting messages on your phone.

Features on our 0207 number -

  1. Listen to all available psychics online.
  2. Create an account with one of our customer receptionists.
  3. Get credit card tarot readings with your personal account id.
  4. Connect to your favourite reader if you know their pin.
  5. Connect to the first available reader.
  6. Pick the length of your reading - 33 minutes for £27 (less than 82ppm)
  7. Listen to information on our service.

Please note that this service is for callers aged 18 or over and is for entertainment purposes only. This service is provided by PSL.